Fall 2016 Literacy Workshop


Cultivating Perseverance and ‘Stick-to-itiveness’ in Students

Tenacity is a virtue, but the personal fortitude to stick with an arduous task takes time and experience to mature. Many students grow impatient with content not parsed into sound-bytes, and reading extended, logical rhetoric through each argument to its ultimate conclusion is almost unheard of. On the other hand, if the story is good, students will read books of over 700 pages. They play on-line games working their way through 12 levels of difficulty for six hours, and they stay after school into the evening to practice for theater productions, get ready for sports tournaments, and conduct fun science experiments for the public.

Join us for a compelling session on how to help students find the reserves to stick with projects and tasks, be they physical or intellectual, with special emphasis in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and media literacy. We’ll look at elements in multiple areas, including what does and does not motivate students’ personal investments in their learning, meaning-making, constructive responses to failures, compliance vs engagement, metaphor use, interpersonal relationships, and much more.

There is no such thing as laziness; our students want to do demanding, complex learning, they want to persevere! To this, our students aspire; with this, our world was built. In our classrooms right now, there is an eager William Wilberforce, Malala Yousafzai, and younger versions of J.K. Rowling and Theodore Seuss Geisel, both of whom were turned down repeatedly for their manuscripts, looking for inspiration. This generation is more than ready for what it takes to make the world their own. Let’s light this rocket!

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