Family Literacy Grant

What is the purpose of the project?

To support schools that are working with families through planned literacy activities for students and families.

Which schools can apply?

Any SCIRA member may submit a school application. The administrative team and a minimum of one teacher per grade level (elementary) or one teacher per department (middle and high) must be members of the local council of SCIRA.

How much will the grant be?

An award of $500 will be made to a maximum of six schools (3 elementary and 3 middle and/or high school).

What are the criteria?

  • Evidence of best practices for Family Literacy.
  • Recognition of and support of the family as the learning unit with programs and/or activities.
  • Innovative and creative ideas for family literacy.
  • Project objectives and goals.
  • Proposed budget.
  • One submission per school.

How does a school apply?

Complete the online application no later than December 1. Winners will be notified no later than January 31 and will be recognized at the SCIRA Annual Conference.

The Family Literacy Grant Application must be sent electronically by December 1. Please contact the Chairperson of the Family Literacy Grant if there are any questions. Committee chairs and their email addresses can be found at in dropdown “About Us,” section “State Officers and Committees.”

Submit a detailed budget with labeled receipts and an article with pictures for SCIRA Speaks no later than June 1. 

One proposal per school will be accepted.
If you do not submit the required documentation after receiving the grant, you will not be considered to receive grants in the future.

Family Literacy Grant
What activities will students and families participate in at your event(s)? How would this promote literacy? How do you plan to spend the funding?
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