Teachers as Readers Grant Application

What is the purpose of the project?

To develop disciplinary literacy knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions necessary for students to become college and career ready.

To provide time and resources for educators to work together to plan and implement disciplinary literacy practices over time, both ELA standards and content standards are more likely to be met and students will develop a deeper understanding of the content.

What are educator groups?

The Teachers as Readers project gives educators the opportunity to read professional books, discuss what they have read, plan literacy skills, and share strategies that will be used in the classroom. Teachers as Readers educator groups of a small group who have selected a professional book and a student title to read together. South Carolina groups are made up of classroom teachers, school and district administrators, college professors, and school board members.

Why form educator groups?

To keep current with the latest disciplinary literature.

To learn from other professionals.

To share ideas about teaching disciplinary literature.

To enhance instruction.

How are educator groups formed?

Select a leader who will be responsible for submitting the grant and organizing the group.

Invite educator(s) to join you group.

How are educator groups supported?

SCIRA helps to support Teachers As Readers each year.

School principals and district administrators provide some financial support.

Local businesses provide some financial support.

If sufficient funding is not available, members read and discuss library books.

Tips for educator group facilitator

Find a relaxed, comfortable place to meet.

Read the entire book before meeting.

Prepare some open-ended questions and monitor the discussion.

Ask a group member to prepare a brief summary of the read portion as a discussion starter.

Ask a group member to prepare information about the author of the book.

Ask a group member to prepare information about one or more of the strategies implemented.

Allow for time for all group members to share classroom teaching strategies.

Listen. Include everyone. Have fun!

Teachers as Readers Grant Application

  1. Complete all information in Section I. This section provides basic grant information.
  2. Complete all information in Section II. This section focuses on the group membership and activities for the year.
    1. Select 1 professional book title with a focus of literacy in your discipline. Book choices must be related to your discipline and/or best practice instruction. Provide a rational for your selection.
    2. Select option A or B:
      1. Option A: A small group of 3-4 educators who will receive $100.00.
      2. Option B: A small group of 5 or more educators who will receive $200.00.
    3. List member names and include signature of each member. Remember that group participants must be members of a local SCIRA council.
    4. Make special note of member(s) who are administrators. Having school board members is a plus.
    5. Tell how you plan to use the books after the group discussion time.
    6. Submit an evaluation of the group discussions and how the strategies impacted your instruction.
    7. Complete the application and all other documentation online.
  3. Special consideration us given for the following:
    1. Accuracy and clarity of information,
    2. Complete titles, authors, and rationale,
    3. School board participation,
    4. Description of how the books will continue to be
  4. The maximum grant amount for Option A is $100.00 and Option B is $200.00. Grant winners will receive notification in February and will receive a check from SCIRA. Encourage your schools, district, and local businesses to provide additional financial support. Only one grant will be awarded per person.

All Required documentation is to be submitted electronically by December 1.

  • Copy of the book order must be submitted by May 30 to Teachers as Readers
  • Project evaluation will be due by November 30 of the following year to Teachers as Readers

* If you do not submit the required documentation after receiving the grant, you will not be considered to receive grants in the future.

Teachers as Readers Grant Application

Person Submitting Application

Group Facilitator

Section 2

B. Book Titles and Author/s with Selection Rationale (Must include 1 professional title.)

C. Member Names with Signatures and Local Council Affiliation

D. Participating School Board Member(s)

Optional - You will receive extra points.

F. How do you plan to use the books after your meetings?

you there?