DSC_0456The purposes of the Council shall be:

  •  to encourage the study or reading instruction at all educational  levels throughout all of South Carolina
  •  to study the various factors that influence progress in reading
  •  to disseminate to various local and special interest councils knowledge regarding trends, research, and new developments in the teaching of reading
  •  to stimulate and promote research in developmental, creative, corrective, and remedial reading
  •  to assist in the development of more adequate teacher training programs
  •  to promote mutual understanding and cooperative work among educators in the Pre-K-12 grade and post secondary levels
  •  to sponsor the organization of new councils in areas not now adequately served by the International Literacy Association
  •  to sponsor an annual reading conference, supported by the various local and special interest councils, with special emphasis upon improving  professional standards in the teaching of reading and related language arts.
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